The Project Beyond Consortium is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated as a Private Limited Company in England and Wales, limited by guarantee in accordance with the Companies Act of 2006

Organisations are invited to join the Consortium and participate in research and innovation workstreams that have specific relevance to them. Members are updated on progress within the workstreams, which sit within the research listed below:

Project Beyond Consortium: Research & Testing

Connectivity, Smart Roads & Rail

Better use of existing infrastructure and ways of deploying new technologies to enable effcient, cost-effective, low-emission and sustainable transport improvements

Business Models

Traditional transport business models and regulations met yesterday’s requirements. Exploring new models and measuring their impact

Mobility Services

Exploring the suitability of current smart city mobility solutions for regions beyond cities and determining potentially more relevant solutions


New vehicle designs to address market needs and exploit emerging business models and technologies

Current workstreams include research into multi-purpose vehicle services for Demand Responsive Transport and Last Mile Deliveries and transportation efficiencies enabled by emerging communications technologies and sensors.

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