Welcome to the Project Beyond Consortium

The complexities of safe, efficient, convenient, reduced-emission transport beyond cities are global challenges

The Project Beyond Consortium was established to address the transport and mobility challenges of areas beyond major cities. This is where most road and rail transport occur. Major cities depend on the movement of people and goods across these areas but they remain a surprisingly low priority for transport innovation.

Project Beyond Consortium is

Focusing on specific geography

Beyond major cities, where unique challenges exist and the cost of providing suitable infrastructure and services are higher. As an example, in England, the consortium is looking at the areas beyond major conurbations as defined by the UK Government’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Enabling members to gain insights

The willingness of member organisations to share insights and expertise from their respective sectors are consistently valued by the membership across the private, public and academic sectors

Facilitating member collaborations

Innovative business models and technologies are creating exciting and valuable solutions to address transportation needs. Holistic analysis can help their deployments deliver maximum benefit to all stakeholders. For this reason the consortium actively supports cross-sector collaborations

Structuring specific research and innovation

Delivering effective transport for rural and less densely populated areas presents very real challenges and it’s only by working together that we can solve some of these complex issues. We are excited to be bringing together key stakeholders which we hope will help unlock the potential solutions

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is a fundamental economic enabler and a key part of emerging National and Local Industrial Strategies. Rural transport services play a vital role in making sure that people, goods and services are available to support vibrant economic growth.

More efficient connections between business and their staff, supply chains and markets offers one of the best means of enhancing productivity. Also, as the cost of housing in cities continues to escalate beyond the means of many, the provision of good-quality, efficient and convenient transport services will provide affordable options for workers who want to live outside cities

This is a fast moving area of innovation so the Consortium proactively seeks to understand how its’ members can really add value by collaborating closely on actual projects with clearly definable benefits.

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